Conn Smythe Foundation

Founded in 1960, The Conn Smythe Foundation is a grant-making foundation that is focused on working with small, efficient, volunteer-based charities that need contributions to help them grow or to assist them in taking on new worthwhile projects.

The Conn Smythe Foundation is a Canadian philanthropic organization with the mission of providing support to individuals and organizations in genuine need. Focusing where our help can make a difference, particularly in our own region, our intent is to concentrate on opportunities to promote growth in small charities and provide a greater chance for their missions to succeed.

Conn Smythe

(born Feb. 1, 1895, Toronto, Ont., Can. — died Nov. 18, 1980, Caledon, Ont.) Canadian ice-hockey player, coach, and executive. He founded the Toronto Maple Leafs in 1927 and made them into a leading hockey club. In 1928 he coached the Canadian hockey team to an Olympic gold medal. Since 1965 the Conn Smythe Trophy has been given annually to the best player in the Stanley Cup play-offs.